Talking watch repairs

Our watches, in most cases, work on 2 batteries, one for the hands and one for the speech. If your watch hands stop moving or the speech element stops working, the chances are it needs a new battery. All battery replacements for our brand of watches is £9.00, other makes of watches are £11.00.

We also offer complete comprehensive repairs on our watches, able to resolve just about any problem with your watch from cracked dials to broken straps. If you need to send your watch back to us please carefully package your watch in a jiffy envelope with your name, address and telephone number enclosed. The package will be free post provided to put the below address on the label.

Cobolt systems ltd
The Old Mill House
Mill road
NR13 3TL

If your watch was not purchased from us then do not worry, we will still be happy to repair it for you. Just follow the steps above and we will conduct a free evaluation when we receive your watch and then call you with the quote.

For a look at our standard repair costs for Cobolt watches please see below;

Analogue watch face replacement - £7.00
Watch case replacement - £8.00
Strap replacement - £6.00
Silver expanding bracelet - £7.00
Gold expanding bracelet - £8.00

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