Talking Mobile Flip Phone

Our Mobile flip phone has a high resolution LCD display screen (37mm x 48mm) and numbers which are spoken when dialled . There is a digital clock on the outer casing of the phone, a torch and incoming call information is also displayed. The phone is 4G with a Nano Sim slot and a 300 pixel camera built in. It M4/T4 hearing aid compatible. An SOS button can be found on the back of the phone with 9 additional speed dial numbers and it will store up to 500 names and numbers in the address book. For incoming calls the phone will announce the number calling There is a vibrating alert option for incoming calls and when the clamshell is closed, the buttons are locked. You can also answer phone calls simply by opening the clamshell or alternatively, end calls by closing the clamshell. The phone has 13 language options available. Size: 103mm - 4” x 53mm - 2.20” x 20mm - 0.75”.

Supplied with charging lead, USB plug, charging dock and sim card (if required).

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