Amplidect 295 SOS Pro

Cobolt Systems are happy to introduce a new product to their range of telephones the Amplidect 295 SOS-Pro. You can initiate emergency calls and/or raise an alarm to your friends or family with the pendant. It has the ability to dial up to 4 emergency numbers, using either the handset or the SOS button on the pendant. The Unit comprises an amplifield cordless telephone, a cradle to charge the phone, which also has an intergrated answering machine and, the best part, a Dect pendant, which allows you to answer incoming calls and to speak to people with its hands-free system. The pendant unit has only 5 buttons; volume up and down, 2 memory buttons and one SOS / answer incoming calls button. It can be used to make and receive calls using a built in speaker and microphone, without having to hold it. The indoor range of the unit is 30 metres, with an open field range of up to 200 metres, Both the pendant and the phone handset have large buttons. The handset can store up to 50 numbers and has a redial function for the last 10 outgoing calls.

This can be paired with the Photodect 295
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