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Talking Microwave Oven MK6A

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With three "Favourite" buttons to store your three most frequently used programmes and a fully tactile and wipe clean keypad, the microwave has a power rating of 900 watts and is a 25 litre / 0.9 cu ft oven. It has a full range of features, including: rotating turntable, talking clock, adjustable speech volume and talking kitchen timer independent of the oven. Basic operation is by selecting power level and time. Programmed operation is by selecting cook / defrost, food type and weight or by selecting from a range of frozen and un-frozen convenience foods and weight. It has auto-minute and programme pause functions, spoken requests to stir or turn food during cooking and to leave food to stand after cooking. The oven speaks when the door is opened or closed and speaks confirmation of functions selected and cooking time. The time remaining is spoken at the press of a button at any stage whilst cooking. The microwave has a rugged stainless steel interior. Remarkably easy to use.
Instructions in large print and on tape.
Size External: 515 mm 20.2" (W) x 322 mm 12.5" (H) x 400 mm 15.7"(D)
Size Internal 330mm 12.99” (W) x 228mm 8.97” (H) x 342mm 13.46” (D)

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This product operates on 220-240v therefore is not suitable for use in America.

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