BT-50 Caller ID Phone

Speak description

Easy to see, use and hear home phone with an independent emergency button. With spoken numeric buttons and large tactile keypad. This phone has the ability to announce your dialled and received numbers. The phone boo holds 64 contacts, 30 of these numbers can be stored with a voice tag created using your own voice. It has a Caller ID function, which allows all numbers to be displayed and spoken. Those stored in the phone book will be spoken with their voice tag. There are 3 direct memory buttons. The emergency wrist alarm can also be worn as a pendant and is water resistant. When activated the phone will automatically call your 3 pre-programmed emergency numbers in sequence. Other features include: hands free speaker, last number redial, hearing aid compatible, +40dB volume boost button, adjustable ringer and handset volume. The phone can be set to speak in English, German, French or Italian.

Supplied with mains adaptor and 4 x AA Alkaline batteries.

Please note: sighted help is required when setting up this product. To use the Caller ID you will need to subscribe to this with your service provider.