Atomic Talking Radio Controlled Calendar Alarm Clock

Synchronised to the Rugby Time Signal, this is the most accurate clock you could ever need. This full function talking calendar alarm clock never needs setting or adjusting - it even alters itself for summer and winter time. As soon as batteries are fitted the clock searches for the time signal and, within a few minutes, sets itself to the correct time and date. All time and calendar functions are spoken in a clear female voice. If the clock cannot receive the radio time signal for any reason then it functions as a normal quartz clock and can be set manually if necessary. With a large LCD display it also has an optional hourly report which will report between 8 am and 10 pm.

Please note that the Rugby Time Signal can normally only be received within U.K.

Size 112mm - 4.40" (width) x 130mm - 5.11" (height) x 80mm - 3.14" (Depth at the widest part).

Uses 2 x AA alkaline batteries (supplied).

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